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Elevated Body Temperature Screening Basics (WEB-TH60)Elevated Body Temperature Screening Basics (WEB-TH60)

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Infrared thermography is a valuable tool for screening people in order to find individuals who have a body surface temperature that is elevated above the average of the general population. The use of an infrared camera should be adjunctive to other screening procedures.

ITC’s online course “Elevated Body Temperature Screening Basics” is designed to enable operators to use an infrared camera properly for the purpose of elevated temperature screening. The course does not depend on the type of camera, and the course will not teach you about all the features and operation of your particular camera, unless it is combined with one of the FLIR/ITC training courses for camera operation. The course will, however, teach you camera operation in general, and the functions and features that are recommended for use in elevated temperature screening.

This course also includes specific instruction on enabling and using the special screening option built in to many FLIR T4xx Series cameras.

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Estimated Length: 3 hour(s) and 15 minute(s)
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Online Lesson1. Elevated Temperature Screening Basics -
Online Lesson2. Course Evaluation / Certificate Generation -


At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the basic human physiological factors that control body temperature
  • Indicate the optimal temperature measuring point on a face for human screening
  • Describe the most useful camera functions for temperature screening
  • Outline the basic methodology and practical requirements for screening


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