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Getting Started with FLIR Tools (WEB-SW25)Getting Started with FLIR Tools (WEB-SW25)

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FLIR Tools is a versatile program for importing and analyzing images, creating reports, remote controlling cameras, and more! Tools+ extends the capabilities by allowing you to create Microsoft Word reports and templates, record radiometric sequences, and created Panorama images. There is NO CHARGE for this FREE course.

Updated 2012-10-19: Added FLIR Tools Mobile learning guides for iOS and Android.
Updated 2013-02-13: Added FLIR Tools v3.0 Manual and Link to download v3.0
Updated 2013-04-10: Added new sections on Annotated Text Comments and New Features in Tools 3+
Updated 2014-01-08: Added new sections on MSX Fusion, Panorama, and Resource Links in Player
Updated 2014-06-19: Added new sections on activation, creating reports in Word, using templates, creating a Word template, and how to group images.
Updated 2017-05-23: Added new videos on Tools 5+. Uploaded Tools 6 manual.
Updated 2017-11-17: Recompiled to html5/flash format; added narration to 2 slides

Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)
Valid for: 6 Month(s)


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Online Lesson1. Getting Started with FLIR Tools -
Online Lesson2. Course Evaluation and Certificate Generation -


At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Activate a FLIR Tools+ license
  • Import images from a FLIR camera into the FLIR Tools library
  • Manually create IR and photo image groups
  • Utilize FLIR Tools to perform detailed thermal image analysis
  • Create, edit, and save an inspection report using FLIR Tools
  • Connect to a FLIR camera and view real-time video
  • Process CSQ and SEQ recordings using FLIR Tools
  • Create text annotation templates in FLIR Tools and transfer them to the camera
  • Create a Panorama image using FLIR Tools+
  • Create an MSX Fusion image using the FLIR Tools+ 5.x Word Add-in
  • Create and save a Word report using FLIR Tools+ 5.x
  • Use custom FLIR Reporter templates with FLIR Tools+ 5.x
  • Create a custom Microsoft Word template that can be used with FLIR Tools+ 5.x
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